Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Part 2)

Continuation of the hot air balloon fiesta @ Putrajaya pictures from where I left off. There’s quite some posts which I wana blog about but there’s too little time at the mo. Here’s more photos! You should check out their official website, just google up Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. You get more upclose and professional shots there. For now, enjoy the balloon desserts peeps :)


France and Germany’s balloons. So French and German! lol.


Two-faced joker/clown. To Heath Ledger everybody! =)

The happy face chose to be facing us while it flies away. It suggests that
everybody should put up happy faces and be happy. You can take it that way to
give yourself a reason to smile :)


Looks like a Mastercard’s invention there. The two combined red and gold circles :)
And the sliced orange! It was pretty hard to create this one and to get them up in the air
because of the imbalance. Work well done :)


With my little cousins Collin and Celine. Her red cross shirt’s so funny! It was mine
when I was little :)


myself, sis and Celine. And the pink elefunk =)



The landing of the balloons about 4 miles away from take off. It was just our luck
to have seen their landing since they do not have a fixed landing spot. Pretty awesome.

Till then I’m gona have to work my ass off for midterms and tests in the upcoming week. It is so fucking stressful, really. Sometimes I feel that I’ve not had breaks for 2 weeks now. But I must admit that the Internet is a big distraction. It takes up 60% of my day! Sigh. Exams are so near, feel that I’m very unprepared. In between, I’m gona throw a birthday party at my place. I don’t know how I’m gona party at ease because I’ll be having a test the next morning! Hope all’ll go well. Cheerio!



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  1. looks like it was a fun-filled day for all of u.Damn.. i missed that out. Thanks to the iPhone Launch i was working at the next day.


  2. Leonard,
    Hey! It was quite a fun day there. Something I don’t usually do :) I bet your iphone launch was pretty awesome too right? Saw those photos! =)


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