Genting CREEPS! Amber Court

Three friends and I decided to pay Genting Highlands a visit last week. This trip was supposed to be  a relaxed 1 night weekend break but I think overall it didn’t go that well. We got there pretty late and ended up not doing much. We dropped by at the Chin Swee Caves Temple beneath Genting Highlands. Was supposed to stay the night at Amber Court but I almost peed my pants.

If you would like to skip straight to the ghost story, scroll to the bottom.




It was beautiful. Serene and peaceful

(although Genting is known to be well haunted)


We were thousands of feet above sea level


The huge Buddha monument and the journey on which they explain about the phases of Buddhism.


This apparently is what happens in hell if you sin in life. The punishment includes slicing your tongue, digging out your womb and eyes. According to a certain Buddhism belief, there are 18 chambers in hell. The more you sin, the worse the torture. They even cook your soul alive in a pot of cooking oil or hook you to ‘death’. So you think Buddhism is cruel? You might think these are a whole lot of jack shit, but since I’m a born Buddhist, I have the obligation to respect the existence of such beliefs. The few things that can you do to bring you to hell in Buddhism’s books – cheating, fraud, abortion, gambling, deceiving people, and even false accounting. Not to mention raping and murdering. Life is too short to do evil.

Be kind when possible, it’s always possible. -Dalai Lama


The name Chin Swee is named after the late Genting’s pioneer Mr Lim’s reverend.

Back to the Amber Court story, why would I plan to spend the weekend there? My dad was offered a free stay at Amber Court from a membership club. Free! Everyone loves free stuff! The last time I stayed in Amber Court was 12 years ago, and barely remember the place. It’s beneath Genting Highlands, about 15-20 minutes drive down. And I warn you, the rumours are real. It’s fucking creepy alright. On our drive there, we passed by abandoned buildings like these. It was very quiet and our car was the only vehicle on that route.


It looks either 1. obviously burned down 2. completely consumed in algae

The super duper famous Amber Court, famous for being one of the most haunted places in Genting, or rather in the world. It’s not advisable to stay here.


The Ghost Tale..

It was really cold and damp that afternoon. We stopped at the main entrance of Amber Court and gave second thoughts about entering the place. Thanks to Wayne, he suggested we should have at least a look since we’ve driven all the way here.

As we entered the lobby, there was only one receptionist at the counter on his game console. The rest of the area was empty and hollow, all sundry shops were closed down, as if I have just entered a building under renovation. The entire building was so vacant you could listen to your echo traveling through the hallway. We asked to check in, and guess which floor we were given? It was the 14th floor! According to Chinese superstition, number 14 signifies a bad omen. I requested to change to a lower level but the receptionist insisted it can’t be done, giving me reasons such as “That’s just the policy”. What’s the point to tell me a policy without any reason at all? Bullocks. Clearly, there were hardly any guests in this apartment, or perhaps none at all, so the only policy I can see here is he just couldn’t be bothered. Or perhaps, it was his intention to get rid of us by giving us the haunted room I suspect.

Not intending to waste any more time, we took the keys off him and entered the lift up to the 14th floor. It was quite a slow journey up, it gave some time for my thoughts to wander about imagining if a ghost would stand before us when the doors opened. Of course, imaginations remained as imaginations. Quiet and cold, we walked out of the lift and towards our room. What a surprise, the door had padlocks on top of the keyhole, strange. Wayne inserted the keys, it took him awhile with a bit of a struggle. In the midst of the struggle out of no where…..

….I suddenly heard a girl howl. A howl like a wolf. A howl like you have always heard in scary movies. It wasn’t like someone getting raped yelling for help. It was what one can call the ideal howling of a female ghost. The howling lasted 5 seconds long and I swear I was NOT hallucinating. At this point, because the way this story is framed sounded much alike scary movies, some of you may be laughing hard thinking “this poor little girl is delusional” or “she must be too tired or it must be the sound of wind coming through”. Well I can assure you, it’s neither of those. When someone is put in a pin drop silent and “dangerous” situation, they naturally have a heightened sense of awareness and alert. To me, the sound was crystal clear. However, I couldn’t recognise where it came from so I looked around and everywhere, wondering where’s the source of the noise. It was so weird, didn’t seem to come from above or below. All apartments are tightly shut and enclosed with no opening to outdoors for wind to come through. It was like a surround sound which went like “Aaaaaaaaaa…….” with a long echo following. As soon as it stopped, I turned around and asked the rest, “Guys.. Did you hear what I just heard?”

All three of them nodded.. Right away, I felt as though my legs were crippling.

Moments later, Wayne managed to open the door. I had no idea why we still wanted to check out the room after hearing noises. He pushed it open, it opened slowly with creeky noises. And one of the boys said, “My goodness. Why is the fridge opened?” It triggered panic. It was nothing really but his reaction to the opened fridge caused panic in all of us so Wayne shut the door and all of us walked quickly to the lift and checked out. All without a doubt. We wanted to run but the guys were pretending to stay cool and calm. When I returned the keys back to the receptionist, he did not question me at all. He obviously knows this place too well. It was barely 5 minutes and we heard voices already, let alone staying for night.

I still remember that scream so clearly in my head. I never really believed in spirits and ghosts despite hearing stories from families and having minor encounters myself, but this occasion gave me reassurance that ‘they’ indeed exist, somewhere, somehow. We drove away without looking back, telling ourselves to never step into Amber Court again, even if I get paid to go. That’s when the saying goes, there’s no such thing as free lunch. Ask anyone who knows about Genting Highlands, this place is widely known for it and it s not a myth. I wouldn’t be surprised if famous ghost-hunters would pick this location for their documentary.

Ok, that was bout it. Thank God that was it.

I’m aware that paranormal and supernatural experience can be refuted with scientific reasonings, I would not completely omit the possibility of that. However, when we can gather and weigh the factors altogether, some times, things are almost unexplainable and I’d lean towards believing it as true because “you just know it”. This was one of those times.

Have you got a story too with Genting Highlands?



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  1. All the stories here makes me eager to try it out for myself! Haha… But I guess I'll never do it cos I'm too chicken shit! Prob not as brave as I was when I was in my 20s tho. I guess the reason why everyone was given rooms on one particular floor was bcos only that floor is open for short term rental tenants (from my experience as a real estate negotiator la). The other floors are probably being occupied by residents… or 'residents'…

    Another theory I have that could explain all the shit that goes on there is, since the management who rents out the units on the designated floor to people knows that there are people paying for short term rentals on say, weekends, they will create some elaborate hoax to scare guests away so that the units will be open for other guests to book, say, I book for a saturday, then check-in and get freaked out cos there's someone wailing or howling and immediately leave, I can tell the reception to open up that unit to another unsuspecting person that comes to rent. See the logic and opportunity here? The more freaked out u are, the more money they will make!

    Of course if you get freaked out and don't leave, then they only make 1x the rental for that particular day la… Then they will have to come up with worst shit to scare guests…

    My Ria story would prob stick in my mind for a long time, I guess thats how hauntings can change the way you look and analyse things. Of course some things can be analysed by logic and science, but some other things may not be as simple as what we think. :)


  2. hi shelyn..

    yr story gives me creeps!! but i went to genting so many times b4, believe it or not, i never saw that amber court!! fact, i never knew that amber court is really exist at genting!..on my next trip, sure i'll go to amber court to see for my self..


    • Omg. I guess you said that there’s mini mart and you saw people were playing ping pong at the lobby had been a long time since this post were posted since I just went there at 2010 ‘s December to stay there over night . The environment there was totally creepy . We rented two room . When I walk through the path way , some creepy wind blow toward me . And the lift will stop in sudden and totally shocked us . And the room are mist and dirty , like so creepy and there’s a weird scent in that room . Before we took a stay there 5 years ago. I have been there about 12 year ago with my family and the environment was nice aND clean and there’s a lot of people stayed there . The last time I saw that the mini mart exist was 12 years go . So 5 years ago when we took a stay there was really shocked us . The building was like very bloody . I never going there and totally disappointed of leisure holidays services


      • It’s a surprise that 12 years ago you recall seeing lots of people staying there. How times have changed. It’s definitely a derelict apartment, I’m not sure why Genting hasn’t closed it down completely, perhaps it would cost them even more money to demolish than to keep it running. =/


  3. whut. my uncle bought a unit there and me and my family of 3 generations has been staying there every time we go to Genting since many years ago, but nothing happened at all. there's no roars or any creepy sounds at all except for our echo (lol). and there's a mini mart at the lower floor, snooker room, table tennis room (i saw people playing there before so), etc. also the car park always has cars, although not many.

    i think its just you guys imagining stuffs. y'know, people can't think properly when they're panicking.

    our unit is at 9th floor btw.


  4. Ghosts exist…they are not wondering spirits of the dead but rather waht we call the jins or genies …They are made from fire and they can't be seen but can appear to human vision by transforming themselves into animal and even human forms…they live much in the same way as us humans.. they normally live away from humans remote forests, hills, mountains, lakes, waterfalls aretheir favourite places…so when humans develops areas that are initially their places of dwelling…these beings get angry…we would too, right, if people disturb our homes…these beings live long lives…up to 700-800 years….so u can imagine the site where Amber Court is built could have been their homes for hundreds of years….Actually before developing a place …we should send people who are well versed in this matter to negotiate with them and coax themto shift elsewhere..its better than to traumatise them in aggressive ways…which may cause them to react in a similar way….actually u can even talk to them…they listen…and maybe theywill cooperate by not disturbing you…during your stay there..if u have the guts to do that…they are everywhere…they are God's creation just like us…so we should not really be afraid of them…..


  5. @Ixora Azura,
    It's not that near to Genting and you wouldn't normally pass by Amber Courts to get there. But trust me, there's no reason for you to even want to go there.

    I don't really believe in such things either but I am sure enough I wasn't hallucinating or imagining things to write a blog post about it. I definitely heard what I heard along with 3 other people. I'm not surprised you don't have any encounters either because there are chances you don't encounter unseen paranormal things. I don't doubt that.


  6. Wow, I was looking up on haunted stories in Genting, and found yours.

    Just looking at the outside condition of the building is enough to convince me this place is really haunted. Maybe I will check it out one day when I go to Genting. Is it easy to get there?

    I do believe that ghosts exist and have a couple of experiences myself, but I am not sure if these are really departed souls or not.


  7. @Darrin

    This place IS haunted and its true story. If not, someone must've been making noises playing prank but I highly doubt it. It's below Genting Highlands, near the mushroom farm they have a sign board showing the direction to Amber Court. Takes about 20 minutes drive from top of Genting.


  8. i dont know where is amber court n never heard about it untill n oth 2 friend there at nite.eating durian at the parking lot inside the building.the building now look nicer after painting.but when we go to the toilet we past by a suddenly open.damn scary but we ignore it n proceed to the toilet since 3ppl there sure no problem geh


  9. hhahaha howling of female ghost? genting is such a windy spot in malaysia. it most probably the results from air that cut through the edge of the building. female ghost is just your imagination when you get scared. WTH. seriously, its nothing. by the way, Im a chef haha.


  10. i just went to this place to evaluate some property in 14th floor especially in hillview (left tower) i just cant explain why the next door opened when i started knocking my subject property.. when i checked it.ooohh a woman sitting with long hair. i just ignore it coz i dont believe. but i found myself rushing to the lift.


  11. Dear Skeptical (Chef) Anonymous,

    Yeap, a howling female ghost. Nope, not wind. The apartment is ENCLOSED. All doors, windows, walkways are inward, and no wind that strong could've caused howling noises. I'm not a believer of ghosts but having experienced that, I'm merely describing the situation. I do understand people are skeptical about ghost stories. It's okay to be skeptical.


  12. Good story…. U can try write and publish a book. Who knows, u might be better and famous than Stephen King.


  13. Hello! Uh, I actually just went to Genting Highlands and also actually stayed at Amber Courts for 2 nights. But didn't really hear any creepy sounds…


  14. This is slightly off track about amber court. Latest news abt genting hotels….1 Chinese woman was found murdered in room 5646 in FWH, so if any of you got that room, better exercise caution when sleeping in it. It's official news in the STAR papers. I haven't stay in amber court b4 but it's definitedly haunted in the case of RIA apartments. The lift always stops at level 5, regardless of whether anyone presses the button or not. If you step out unto level 5, you will see the whole corridors with most of the units padlocked and pasted with Chinese talisman on its doors.


  15. Goshhhh… I just got back from genting yesterday. 5of us went to amber court as one of my friend's mum got free 2 nights room there. The place looks extremely freaky although it is reprinted already. We stayed at room 1602 and fortunately, ntg happened. However, when we got out of the lift, our room number was written in pencil showing us that the room is on the right. Dammmmmmnn. The first night I was scared, so I overnight at FW lobby. In he morning I was hungry so I went to the 5th floor to fill hot water into my mee cup. Ntg freakish that I noticed though except the hot water dispenser spoiled which led me to he sixth fllor. The next day my friends told me ntg happened so I overnight in amber court the second day and luckily ntg happened as well. My advice, don't go back there.. U can somehow feel that there is smtg wrong about the apartment.


  16. I experienced it myself, Amber Court is really a haunted apartment, extremely quiet and creepy surrounding.

    Here's my story:

    Dad's car tyre bocor right infront of Amber Court once we reached there, weird we felt and this has indeed turns off our holiday mood. While dad calling for help from genting's gaurage for tyre repair, we walked around the apartment and we noticed that there's alot chinese prayers joss stick and candle along the roadside. Wondering what for people do prayer at a place like this.

    The apartment is big but hardly see a single human around pun, the lobby just chilled, only a receptionist on duty at the counter when we checked in. And there's a small kedai runcit at the ground floor walkway, owner is an old chinese man and woman, creepy and moody looking face either.

    After getting our room's key, we walked in a group to our room, slowly and carefully, observing the surrounding in the apartment. Old..everything is old, the lobby, the lift, the corridor..and humid smell insidiously create gloomy atmosphere to the entire building. Our room is at the end of corridor (forgot which floor is it) and there's another room next to our room. To our surprised, the next room's door has a big chinese amulet (yellow paper form) sticks on it. It's like someone has sticks it on purpose to avoid people from going near that room. We got shocked because it really looks like a haunted room. I got chicken goosebumps all over my body already, still non of us dare to voice out any words toward this creepy scene.

    I shared a room (master room) with my siblings and my 8 years old cousin. Mum and dad took the other room. The first night at Amber Court, we sleep with all the lights on, we did not shut the room's door because we feel safer with the room's door opened (because inside the room itself look much scarier than the living room). So in the middle night, I was awaken suddenly when my digital watch beeped at 3a.m. I laying down and look around the room. Everyone was asleep, the surrounding is too quiet that I can even hear the water dropping sounds came from the toilet..suddenly, I heard a very loud noise coming from our apartment's corridor, footsteps and screaming sound from a man (not sure the quantity, or maybe youngster) running fast in a hurry it's like they being chased by something, followed by a huge sound of someone beating the room's door or things being pushed down. Their desperate screamming and shouting voice has breaks the silent of the night but there's only me who awake and listened to all this happening.

    The chaos noise last about 2 minutes, then, everythings back to silent again. I am still hiding under my blanket, sensed much fear in the silence, frightening and was waiting if our apartment's door got knocked. After a minute or two, I heard a humming voice of a women inside my room! A relaxing women humming voice I don't know if it's came from the toilet inside my room or it's in front of our bed or from the windows..I was terrified under my blanket but on my second thought, I sit up immediately, trying to shoo away whatever it is in my room. The voice stopped, I wonder if it's gone. At the moment, my cousin my brother who sleeping next to me half awake and was turning his body facing me, I put up his pillow in order to make him sit up to accompany me as I really need someone to stay awake with me right at the moment.

    The next day afternoon while we queuing and waiting for our turn for the outdoor Theme Park game, I told mum what had happened at the last night, she's a little freaks out but then she said the chaos might be a group of youngster who are playing or making noise outside our apartment's corridor, but I insist that it wasn't sounds that way, the screaming and shouting noise is like someone been murdered. And the humming voice in the room, someone singing while showering at the next apartment at 3a.m?!

    I really don't think so….


  17. well actually..u can really see that the building IS haunted..u can really see theres a lot of 'tenants' there. im not sure because my family can either 'see' or know 'stuff' but this my definitely a really 'lively' building =)


  18. I remember reading this blog several years back. Wow, so many more stories ever since!

    The weirdest has got to be that rewinding balcony scene.

    Also, the most mysterious would be that 'makcik in tudung walking alone at 4AM' story.

    OMG, so skeri…


  19. I remember reading this blog several years back. Wow, so many more stories ever since!

    The weirdest has got to be that rewinding balcony scene.

    Also, the most mysterious would be that 'makcik in tudung walking alone at 4AM' story.

    OMG, so skeri…

    That Makcik was finished his shift of cleaning the rooms..ha rooms at 4 am..VVIP rom i think…


  20. Geoghrapy Info.
    Amber Court
    1.1600Mtr from sea level,
    2.2.6 Km on road from roundabout

    Not been there before,but after read your comment here, i need to considere if somebody offer me a free ticket to go there.

    I has been stayed in 3 places at Genting Highland,

    1.Ria Apartment ( Pahang Tower )last been here was about 3/4 years ago…now its not open to public anymore..nice room,afordable price ( Rm230/Nite/3 rooms ) no spiritual disturbance

    2.First World Hotel
    High Price /small rooms

    3.Apartment Ria ( Selangor Tower )
    This year around 2 Feb 2013,this rooms mistaken rent by us when we failed to get into ( Pahang Tower ) after the management said that the block only available for club member,then 1 chinese old man ( room broker ) offer us to stay at (Selangor Tower),he just said the room are very nice…because it was late night and the temperature became more i has no choice to stay there..too lazy to find another place…after reach at our rooms…a bit shocked..because the rooms is not same as i think like the ( Pahang Tower )….

    3.1. Pahang Tower – Fully carpet,fully furniture,clean rooms,clean fridge,clean bed,clean blanket,working water heater in all bath room.

    3.2. Selangor Tower ( room broker advised ) ( Rm280/Nite/2 bedroom )No Carpet just Parquet,smelley rooms,bad bed-look likes hotel ayam 1,dirty fridge,dirty sink,only 1 bathroom equipted with water heater,another 1 malfuntions,and i check out from that rooms at 9 am ….not worth ,please avoid to stay there anymore…

    Regards From Me,


  21. Recently stayed there for 1 night with few friends ,just that you will hear loud footsteps above the room or along the corridor at midnight. And even scratching sound on the wall(neighbors having fun maybe?),other than that it's safe! :)


  22. is it still in service???


  23. no wonder selling so cheap in the property market.

    but why worry about ghosts, likelihood, the ghosts are more worried about mankind.

    worst case, one turns into a ghost and hell breaks lose to the ghost who converted you. it's unlikely a ghost would want to harm someone other than out of vengence of past deeds.


  24. You scared yourself being too overly imaginative. Had you been the only one to hear the howling I would think there would be some credence.If all four of you heard the howling then the cause was physical, not ghostly. The receptionist down there will have the answer. Padlocked doors — no mystery at all. Owners want to make it difficult for uninvited guests to pick the locks or force their way in to enjoy a free stay or even vandalize the property.If there are ghosts or apparitions, remember they were once humans like all of us.Viewed this way they will be less frightening.


  25. @AlphaOmega,

    It was an experience that I myself find so bizarre and unbelievable, which is why all the more I wanted to share this story.

    I can assure you, although 5 years has passed years, that very moment I heard the sound is still very clear and glued within my memory. It is definitely not something out of my own imagination. 3 others heard the sound the same moment I did, and we were all in disbelief at the point. To this day, I'm still in disbelief that this was the closest first hand experience I've ever had to anything supernatural.

    There are many comments that speculate it was merely imagination, or other possible causes like the sound of wind etc. It's understandable that people find it hard to believe and start to speculate, I'm skeptical towards stories like that too. However, this was my actual experience and every word is factual – it represents what actually happened.


    • I believe what you say now otherwise you would not have bothered to reply. Thanks for sharing a real life experience of a ghostly nature. I will make a trip up there some day and also put up at least a night there for the experience ( not challenge). Wishing you success also as a marketing professional now.


  26. I am here to share my experience in Ria Apartment and Amber Court.

    A few years back, I was traveling with my family and neighbors' family and relatives. Happened that one of them was our tour guide. He told us that FWH couldn't accommodate so many of us so they asked us to try our luck at Ria apartment. OMG!

    The outer look of the apartment was not very appealing and for me who born to able to sense supernatural stuff, felt very creepy and uncomfortable. My neighbors felt not right too so they went over to the apartment opposite Ria Apartment to book their room.

    Nth much really happened. But none of us dare to sleep. It seem to have alot of voices everywhere. The dressing table in our room was covered with dried paints or unknown liquid. There was a cracked line on the mirror as well.

    The scariest part was my neigbour's relatives was assigned to a room that filled up with moth and fruit flies. They ended up crashing bed with another relatives room or our living room.

    During the night, we can vividly heard a girl humming. My sis and i had the same instinct that she was combing her hair in front of our cracked dressing table as we found some long hair that don't belong to us as we were having short hair at that time.

    Never in our life we will go back there to stay even if It's free.


    • Yes, ghosts do leave long strands of hair around. This thing happened to a friend of mine. He had no female sibling, let alone one with long hair and his mother’s hair was short. One morning after having a horrible nightmare he woke up and found strands of long hair lying around the kitchen floor. His mother already knew that it belonged to ‘something’ that came by during the night. Brrrrr…. Scary as shit.


    • You said you and your neighbours ‘went over to the apartment opposite Ria Apartment’. What was the name of the hotel?


  27. My family went for genting for Vacation often and guess what we always stay in Amber court( the so called haunted building). Stay in all sort of levels 7 , 22, 25, 21 until i lost count. Please there is nothing there, the building rundown is because those investors of the unit are most Singaporean and China ppl who dun bother to pay the maintenance fee.Who will take care the building if the owner dont bother to pay maintenance. No free lunch in this world. The girl howling is really the wind, you can heard it all the time. especially when there is heavy fog. The freeze door is open is because the electricity of the freeze is simply not on when it is not in use.. next time try the television. you will say oh no there is no channel can be view, suddenly so sound poped out they u freak out and say ahhh is the ghost… durh, high hills signal reception poor.


    • @Yeat nai jiun

      hahahah!!! Totally agree about your statement!!

      My experience:
      I have been to holidays in amber court since 2009- 2015 ( located floor 20), is true the building looks creepy due to lack of maintenance, they do paint like new building but amber court is too humid so it become mossy again. However there is plenty of car parking slot so u dont need find parking like in genting! BUT, the security is safe for sure! The freeze door is open because it have moldy if you keep fridge door close. U may heard girl humming in the midnight but i just heard sound like F1 racing car! This sounds effect all cause by wind! Guys, Please don’t speared any rumors = lack of common sense + creepy story like ‘annablle’!
      P.s: I been there many times never ever seen any ghost! There is ghost anywhere, but mostly come from your heart! =)
      to shelyn, I delight to let you stay for free and change your mind again!


      • Your response and possible justification doesn’t come as a surprise, I’ve lost count how many people have said the same to me, which I totally understand.

        I can excuse everything else (such as the fridge) and tell myself it was all but supernatural, except the howling noise. It’s never going to sink in for a lot of readers as a “real”, because seeing (or hearing) is believing, not reading.

        It’s a wonder people are still going to Amber Court, or has it been completely shut down?


      • well, everyone have different opinion, i couldn’t say all my words is true. but i can tell you like @yeat nai jiun meantioned, most of the owners is singaporean, they dont bother to pay maintenance fee, therefore the amber court lack of maintance. they do have management office located in PV 128, setapak, kl.

        maybe u guys not used to stay in condo, so you will heard the wind sound like humming. the windy season will coming in december – may. depend which building block u facing.

        i never see ghost in amber court, just foreigner workers. =]


  28. I believe you syelin….


  29. When you feel it is not right, then it is not right.

    At first world hotel, My mum friend saw a couple flew in from the door and out of the windows…

    What the hell, amber court condition like that op still dare to stay? If i were you i run first.

    Selesa Hillhomes is another scary place.

    Once in 2001 3am, saw my friend’s car by the road side as if it was waiting for us. He turned into the Selesa hill homes, while at the guardhouse, his car turned from a proton to a pink old merz. I took out my amulet and ran of course.


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  31. Amber Court had been on sale for the past couple of years. I’m not surprised if some of the unit owners OR the property agents took it upon themselves to come up here and try to pooh-pooh these stories. Amber Court is a lost cause. No amount of ‘disclaiming’ or ‘happy holiday stories’ will ever turn that around.


  32. wah? amber court wisata? atau apakah? saya tertarik mendengar cerita anda. Semoga hari-hari anda menyenangka 😊


  33. wah? amber court wisata? atau apartemen pengadilan? saya tertarik mendengar cerita anda. Ternyata amber court ada bagian sisi yang menyeramkan yang anda rasakan? mungkin pengalaman anda biasa dikatakan nyata. sangat menakutkan 😕 Semoga hari-hari anda menyenangkan😊
    salam kenal- desi efriana from Indonesia


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