Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Part 1)

The hot air balloon fiesta was held at Putrajaya last weekend from Friday to Sunday. It was a mad house there! God over-blessed the fiesta with no rain but with the almighty hot sun. It was freakin crowded and hot. omigosh, I think I’ve burnt 1000 calories that day. I spent 12 hours at Putrajaya, just to catch a glimpse of the hot air balloons. They were really pretty although not all were seen as scheduled. I must say, it’s well worth it :)

The food stalls and bazaars

The kids playground. People make good money just by selling toys and kites there

Black heads that look like black ants from afar.

The set up for the hot air balloons

Aiyooo..! So pretty! Looks like a cartoon sketch, how dreamy :)

The even had Pizza on wheels. Brilliant. They made good money too :)

Dozens of kites up in the beautiful blue sky on a gigantic cotton candy

Woohoo. These people on wings are the entertainers for the fiesta apart from
the hot air balloons. Must be so enjoyable to be up there far from the crowd :p

Highlight of the fiesta – all hot air balloons get-together!
I’ll post all pictures of these unique balloons in the later post.

My first time in Putrajaya after 10 years. Their lamp posts n traffic lights so chun!

Somehow it reminds me of India. It looked pretty much the same

The Putrajaya Mosque, the sole tourist attraction there.

Sis and I.

With my aunt and her kids, Collin, Calvin, and Celine.

The Yong Family :)

Wheee~ No vehicles on the road. How nice.

The giant plants. Triple my height, hahaha.

The mosque. Very clean and beautiful.

Ladies without tudung or in exposing apparels, please slip into this pink robe and
put on your hoodie please. That’s the rule. No questions. No freedom of speech.

That’s how far we got into the mosque. Non muslims aren’t allowed to go further than the public’s main entrance. And you know, the attitude of the security guards there were very upsetting. A lady guard yelled at a Japanese tourist when she wanted to set foot into the mosque (at the security check point where non muslims aren’t allowed to go any further). You see, not everyone is a Muslim, and we do not know the rules clearly. As tourists, they expect guidance and not people yelling at them.No matter how pretty the place is, one little yell can tarnish the whole image. So thanks to the impoliteness of that lady, you have just contributed to the record of Malaysia’s Incompetence. I feel ashamed as a Malaysian.



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  1. everyone wearing the pink robe look so drama..


  2. whoa… nice pics… i was about to make my decision to go… but in the end.. planned not to go… haiz… what a regret… was it nice? haha


  3. I never have any good feeling about Putrajaya. I think it’s a city built to spend money or stimulate growth if you put it that way.It has nothing there and it’s in the middle of nowhere. You don’t get much people there. And why can’t the government admin staff work in KL if most of them are live in KL?? Isn’t it weird??


  4. Hot On – Well. Thats the ULTIMATE RULE. No exposing ya’ll. You’ll be charged for “fakwat” whatever the terms are. Have to respect the religion, but for us to respect, that lady needs to be polite in the first place. Jacklicious – Okay, you sorta made the right decision not to go. The only good thing about it is you get to see the balloons, that’s it. And we waited 12 long hours cos we missed the morning session which is at 8am! So have to wait until 6.30pm! No seats, no fan, no shades, freakin torture.Kevinpnp – It’s the so called New KL. I guess they’ve planned too far ahead. To form another city in few decades to come. The buildings are nice, but it looks vacant. They’ve invested alot of money in Putrajaya. I really don’t know why. Not many ppl live there. How could it stimulate growth?


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