Bossa Nova, Kuala Lumpur

Another dinner for my mommy’s birthday. This time’s with my family :)
It’s been a long time since we’ve gone out for a proper meal all together.

Semi Brazilian buffet restaurant in Park Royal Hotel.

Very soothing ambiance. And quiet too, hehe :)
Expensive but lacks food variety. A place for the lodgers of Park Royal hote

Salad, chicken, fish, and normal stuffs like that. And Bailey’s too!

And me too! My chubby face’s inherited from my mom.. Hehe.

And the two men in my family , bro and dad. My dad’s left eye is a little distorted
due to the surgery 2 yrs ago, injured in the robbery incident remember. sigh
Anyway, still looking great dad!

That’s me and grandma! Hee. With the super big trademark vainpot mole on her chin.

Sis and grandma n dad


a complete family portrait for once :)

I really didn’t care if the meal sucked, all I want is a proper family dinner together.

Just wana wish you again mom, Happy Birthday :)



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  1. I like your thinking. Very mature. Good stuff. I also don’t care about what i eat, but who I’m having my meal with. I’m sure you’re someone very interesting to meet.


  2. Kevinpnp – thanks :) Agreed, its the time and people you spend with that matters. Especially when you don’t get the chance often. Parents busy working away, seldom at home. Glad we think alike! =)


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