Beijing Olympics 2008

I’ve been cut off from the cyber world for 9 days. There was no internet access at where I was staying, not in a hotel but in a family friend’s apartment. Thought I just landed in Beijing and now, I’m back home, time really flies.
What can I say about this trip. It was spectacular, amazing, fabulous. Glad to have been there at the fantastic National Stadium of Beijing, it was beaubeaubeautiful! To sum it up, this whole trip was about watching the Olympic games – the women 50km marathon, boxing, and all the athletics, grabbing all Olympic goodies, walking the wonder of the world – Great Wall of China, and feeding on delicious Beijing delicacies – Beijing roast duck. I did visit a few other places but I do not know the names as I am partly Mandarin illiterate. But try me, I can speak to you with the Beijing accent, haha!

Presenting to you….


The Beijing Olympics stadium

I have tons of pictures, I can’t wait to show it all to the world! It’s something that I would love love love to share. But its gona take some time for me to upload all of it cuz I’ll be very busy, again, with my UK stuffs. I only have about 2 weeks left before I leave for Oxford. sobs. Gona miss everything here at home. Ooh, I went to Genting as well 2 weeks ago with the bunch of em, and I’ve got more pics to show as well. See, tons of pictures! But lack of time..

Till then, wait for the pictures!



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  1. ya, waiting 4 ur upload =)


  2. no worries, its coming soon, there’s just many to upload! =)


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