Sky Bridge, KLCC

Today’s another day to take Jun around KL, we decided to get on the KLCC Sky Bridge located at the second (office) building. We queued up for the free tickets from 8.30 till 10 in the morning, must I say, it was crowded with foreigners.


Trippy n Jun in the “cinema” with the good-for-nothing 3D glasses.


Tha boys. Up at the Sky Bridge on the 41st floor!


Bottom from above. Looks surreal, as tho it was drawn on a paper







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  1. time to give some comments.. hehe..long time dint come and pay u a visit in here.. hehehe.okok.. the pics looks nice.. and the place.. whoa.. i wish i could visit the KLCC bridge.. omg.. so cool~! lolx..


  2. lol. does the place look that nice to you? lol.. its not that spectacular. just a bridge, cant see the whole of KL, and we’re given a time limit, said to be freakin 10 minutes but it was actually lesser than that. its more of like a once in a life time thing, so yeas as malaysian, u shud visit.. =)


  3. so… visiting time on the bridge is allocated for you? Or do you get to choose the time you wish to go? I was hoping i could get up there and get snap a sunset picture… or would you suggest the kl tower? heh.. cheers!


  4. Joe,
    The ticketing counter will open at 8am, but there will be a long queue before that. You'll have to get there early or the tickets will be finished for the day. I don't think the bridge is open until evening/night. Latest I think is 5pm. Ticket is either real cheap or free, can't recall. KL tower, definitely better view since its 360degrees. Hope that helps!


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