Memorable Trip in India

On the first day in India, I thought I would have to suffer throughout the entire trip. The place was filthy, almost everywhere, and the food didn’t taste like Mal’s. But somehow, it turned out to be different from what I expected. My purpose of going there was to attend a tibetan-buddist ceremony to honor the late His Holiness the XIth Mindrolling Trichen at the monastery in Clement Town, Dehradun.

I didn’t get to visit Taj Mahal as planned, because we ran short of time, what a waste. Even worse, I didn’t have the chance to meet the Dalai Lama!His flight was delayed due to the Tibet-China problems and he reached the monastery after I left.

Day 01
Departed at 6pm. Flying high above the clouds.
Amazing colors during dusk

First day was all about travelling. By the time I reached New Delhi, it was late. We stayed for the night in Likir House, a tibetan inn arranged by our host and lama friends

My lama friends, Jigme and Pema, kindest of all
Day 02

The second day was pretty tiring. We took an “express” train to Dehradun city. The journey was scheduled for 6 hours, but it took us 8 freaking hours! It kept delaying. o m g . Buttache lah.

Bad bad bad living conditions

To kill time
A baby on board. Cute! You probably can’t believe it. He’s a He! =O
Mindrolling, Clement Town. A Tibetan town.

The Great Stupa

Little lamas attending class – prayers

The Rinpoche’s. A calling for the upper lamas, some sort.

My room’s balcony! Damn relax. I totally forgot about Accounting work!
Had dinner at Rinpoche Ugyen Choepel’s home (first from right)
Walkin back to my room. The Stupa at night.

The naked view of India – dusts!
Day 03
Third day was about visiting the Stupa and other buildings in Mindrolling Monastery. We visited a few Rinpoches for blessings too.

Above in the Stupa
Picture on top of the building – The late His Holiness the XIth Mindrolling Trichen
Had dinner in Dehradun city centre, Prez restaurant.
tandoori chicken, mutton and chicken curry, naan, etc. yummylicious
Went back to Rinpoche’s house and played with his fox look alike dog
Day 04
We gota travel back to Delhi by train at 3pm. So it was kinda rush the morning, to attend the prayers ceremony, visit around the monastery and the Rinpoche’s for last blessings.
In the stupa. There were other foreigners too

The little lamas

Buddha. Looks as though the light came from his right hand

Day 05

We stayed at Jukaso Inn for 2 nights, it’s pretty comfy I would say. We planned to travel to a few tourist spots in New Delhi. We visited Gandhi’s memorial building and his son-in-law’s as well (forgot his name), the India Gate, and the city centre.
New Delhi city centre. Near Palika Bazaar, an underground market
The Parliament. So grand huh. Better than Mal’s

See Speak Hear Everything No Evil..!
We Gandhi held his last breath. He said, “My life is my message”.
Gandhi and his wife. Looked so real. Especially Gandhi’s hair, lol

His slippers, and mine.
Statue of Gandhi behind, toiling in his life.
Visited the Citywalk shopping complex. Not too bad. Have a lot of signature items. But their stuffs are slightly more expensive than Malaysia’s.

The Gate of India. If you don’t see it, it’s the brown stone above our heads
Old times. RM1 each =)

Slays Silhouette.. Haha
Night view of Delhi. Shopped around the city centre and had dinner at Embassy restaurant

Messing around in the hotel. Last day!
Day 06
Time to travel back to Malaysia. Had breakfast and left.
It was a memorable experience, and I did not regret going there as it was a brand new experience for me. I got adapted to the environment quite quickly and enjoyed myself very much. Now that I am back in Malaysia, I miss the times I had in India. I was sad to see both my lama friends standing at the gates outside the airport when they sent us off. It was so emo then. I’d consider going there again the next time.

No doubts.


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  1. wow. What a amazing experience!


  2. haha yeah, was a good experience.wonder if i’ll ever go there again =) by the way, uu blog was informative. esp only Dede =)


  3. i want to go too someday… I heard a lot about India, but they’re not nice. But this entry makes me want to visit the country… hehehe!! I also want to have lama friends…. =D


  4. its not that safe to go there not knowin anybody, n it’ll be hard cuz we can’t speak Hindi. the place I went to was great.not that I visited all parts of India, but my India friends said New Delhi has a much better environment, safer and cleaner.go for experience. it’ll be good!


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