Lanjut Golden Beach Resort

Last Saturday and Sunday, my family and I went on a local 2-day tour trip to Lanjut beach at Rompin. The journey took 7 hours, including 2 hours of break. Hate the journey, makes me sick. On the way, we passed by Negeri Sembilan and visited the Palace which looks like this.

The surounding of the N9 palace.

The Negeri Sembilan Palace preserved for many years.
Finally, we arrived at Serai Lanjut beach resort.

While playing the tele-matches with both young and old

 Happy New Year everybody.



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  1. Ur a Help Student as well. What a coincidence. =)Happy New Year!


  2. blog surfing and saw your blog. read in your profile that you always wanted to come to the states. is it to study or to live/work?i wish we had good malaysian food here in the US.. then my life would we perfect here… too bad none of the malaysian restaurants i’ve been to here are up to par…


  3. i just got back from this place yesterday. it was horrible. the chalet, to be specific. with flying cockroaches.. rats attacks.. u name it!! i will never even return to this place..


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