The Unexpected Happened

27th October 2007, 3:00am

Never in my life did it cross my mind that anything similar to what I read on the daily papers would happen to myself and my family. From this point on, I have never felt anything more fearful and real in my life, to experience what could have been a fatal armed robbery. It’s the second time I have been robbed this year, only this time, the fear amplified ten folds as it involved the rest of my family.

I live in a private residential area that is fairly quiet as it was developed only a year ago with very few houses built. For security reasons, my dad hired two patrol guards, unarmed, from the day we moved in. That night at 3am on the dot, six men armed with parangs, the local word for machete, broke into my house from my backyard. My house is located at the dead end of the residential area on top of the hill next to the water supply tank, which is sealed off. These guys detoured around the water tank and somehow managed to find their way through the bushes to my backyard that was unfortunately not blocked off with a high cement wall or barbed wires. The moment the patrol guards heard my dogs vigorously barking in the backyard and spotted several dark shadows coming towards them, they tried to alert my family but failed and were held captive, arms and legs tied. Probably had a few blows to their faces as well.

I was asleep since midnight. However, I don’t know if there was actually a guardian angel but as the robbery was just about to begin, Wayne rang my phone, waking me up from my sleep for no apparent reason as far as I can recall. Very strange. Mere coincidence? Few minutes through the conversation, I heard noises outside my room; very slight noise, perhaps footsteps. I then saw shadows from beneath my door passing through my room.

Two of my house maids who live with us were alarmed of the incident as their room is near the backyard in the basement. One of them dashed from the basement up to second floor to alert my parents of the break-in. Within seconds, as she turned around, she saw them coming right behind her. She told my parents to shut the door. There was no time to let her in and they caught her. Suddenly, I heard a scream. It was my maid’s scream, just outside my room. The scream… it was horrible; as if they stabbed one time just enough to kill her instantly. And I heard no more. I initially believed she was dead. Apparently, they hit and punched her in the stomach for informing my parents.

As soon as I heard a scream, it came to my senses that something was seriously wrong. I quickly called my parents via the house intercom, switched my phone to silent mode, and covered myself under the blankets to minimise my voice as I rang my entire relatives; my cousins, aunts, and uncles. I rang six people in three minutes. It was the police whom I rang last. After raising the alarm to everyone I possible could, I changed my pyjamas to layers and layers of tighter outfits because the first thing I imagined happening if they came through those doors were to rape me. I had no weapons for protection in my bedroom, and only managed to secure a very small pair of stationary scissors. That was all I had. As my bedroom has a view of the backyard, I peeped hard through the windows, squinting my eyes because god damn it I am short-sighted and happen to have left my glasses in the car that night. What a coincident because up until then I have never slept a night without my glasses next to my bed! I waited closely in silence, and actually prepared myself to jump out of the window if they broke in. It was over 40 feet high from the ground. I thought I could only take this last chance; either to be raped and be infected with herpes or HIV and murdered after, or to be handicap and possibly die from the fall. Which would you choose?

15 minutes later, yes fifteen, the police called my mobile to check if the cops arrived. I was like, “NO! We are going to die. Please I beg you to hurry up!” Going back to why I rang everybody else first before the police , here’s why. Malaysian police are a piece of turd and nothing more. Don’t believe me? When I first dialed 999 to alert the police of an armed robbery, I got put through to an operator. I spoke in a calm and collected manner, clear and concise about the incident taking place. Guess what they told me as a response? “Sorry madam, but this is not the police branch to handle emergencies from your area. Can you please dial 03420……..”

For fucks sake. It’s a fucking armed robbery at 3 in the morning, not a fucking food delivery request.

The robbers asked my maid to unlock my parent’s room. My parents insisted of keeping themselves locked obviously, and that got them pissed. They went down to the living hall and brought a heavy marble glass stool up to my parents room, and threw it right at the door. The door broke lose instantly. My mom stood there, stunned, with her cellphone in her hand. They pointed knives at her, and ransacked the whole damn room.

My dad escaped through the window. They have no idea he was in the room earlier. If they caught him, the ending would have been different; they will most probably beat him up and, who knows, butchered with a parang. My dad planned to jump down from second floor and run out to the neighbours for help. Before the jump, he slipped and fell, head right on the edge of the concrete ground. Nobody heard him possibly due to distraction from the splashes of the water fountain beneath my parent’s room. My dad fainted for couple of minutes, bleeding all over his face. As soon as he gain consciousness, he could barely move a muscle but slowly recovered and managed to crawl all the way down through the kitchen and down to a store room where he hid.

My mom was instructed by one men to ask my sister to open her door. He led her to my sister’s bedroom and knocked. My mother spoke in a trembling voice. My sister knew and uttered not a word. I could still see shadows just outside my door, it was only 3 feet away, just that the door was protecting me. They were waiting.

At 3.30am, my cousin himself, alone, half drunk, drove all the way from Cheras, sped his way up the hill. The robbers were alarmed because they could see from the backyard any vehicles that comes up the hill, the only access into the residence. All of them quickly ran off with my parent’s belongings., except for one of them, still grabbing more jewelleries.

When my cousin arrived, he only had a hammer. He didn’t know how many men was in the house. He untied the patrol guards and rushed into the house. Coincidentally, he bumped face to face with the  one last robber. That fucker ran for his life out of the house to the garden. My cousin threw the hammer at him and he fell. That moment, my guards gave this man the blow they had given them, and my cousin joined in to secure him to the secure. My dad eventually came out from the store room, soaked in blood. I watched from my bathroom window as they hit him, still afraid to open the door.

When I finally got out of the room, I saw a man, face and shirt all covered with blood. I was stunned. It was my dad! I didn’t know what to do. I can’t describe my feelings, hurt and anger. We hurried him to Gleneagles. Worried, hurt, traumatised.. My sis cried, my grandma fainted. It was all messed up. And the fucker who got caught, he was beaten almost to death, blood everywhere. And dragged him up to the road, handed him to the cops.

And u know what, the cops arrived 45 minutes after I called. We could’ve died. I knew the cops here are unreliable thats why I called all my cousins n uncles. I still cant believe what happened. I could feel my legs all too weak to walk. I hadn’t slept in 24hours.

Warning: Some images may be very disturbing
The broke my parent’s door

with this heavy stool. atleast 50lbs
Mom’s room, floor covered with clothes

Blood stains in the backyard

where my dad fell from 20 feet above head right on it

Where my dad rested on my car searching for a safe spot to hide

He crawled down all the way into the store room

Bloody scene

My dad’s badly hurt, he had 50 over stitches on his forehead n 20 stitches on his knee. He can’t walk at all. Exams and assignments are few days away, I really can’t study or even think about all that. I feel like stopping till I’m better. The feeling haunts me.

We had cctv in the house, the whole event was recorded. But we can’t see the faces. They were all wear caps and face all covered. I watched it so many times, how they hit my guards, break in and ransacked the house. I feel so helpless because I wasn’t there to help them.

All I can say is I’m very proud and thankful to everybody who has helped and saved us, especially my cousin, he’s the hero of it all; my dad who was courageous to risk his life for us, and my maid, who was willing to sacrifice herself for all of us.

God has helped my family in many ways. I can’t be more thankful. I hope all of you do take care of yourselves, especially girls. God bless everybody.



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  1. Geez, I can’t imagine how that must have been like. Hope everyone is alright now.


  2. Hey Suat, Take care yea!! Gosh… cant imagine how desperate ppl are nowadays.. Hope everyone in your family are safe and sound


  3. thanks mui.. n thanks kenny.. everythin’s alrite. my dad will recover in no time when God’s with us.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


  5. hey dear, i’ll keep you and ur family in prayers. May God lay his healing hands on you, your father and your family. God bless and take care. =)


  6. omg babe the pics are so scary. Damn fucked up la those assholes. Hope your dad’s recovering real fast.


  7. Shelyn, found out about this post from amillioncells..Just a few months back, my boss’s in-laws house in Cheras was similarly hit. They managed to get one of the fuckers too and beat him near to death as well. As usual, the police came late. It all sounds sooo similar.Really sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he recovers soon. Glad to know there was no loss of life, and that you have a good maid and guards. And here’s to HOPING that the robbers are caught.. But I’m certain they will get their due.. one day..


  8. Unidentified Being. October 29, 2007 — 5:12 pm

    Just out opinion, hopefully you will not delete my comment as well. I believe what you have experienced is rather too shocking to the point at where you would possible suffer a mental break down after going through something so terrible.It’s understood the fact that this incident will not escape the minds of those involved along with most horribly the victims of the thieves aggression.However,Don’t you think publicly speaking of this in such a way that you <>blog<> about it making it visible to anyone who stumbles across your blog?I understand that somethings are best to be shared to express yourself, leaving you with the though that you are never alone with life but these things are left for those closest to you.I believe this blog post wasn’t necessary and most inappropriately posted for the public to read. It does scare the people of Malaysia knowing that there are such people among us but I think newspapers would be enough.But enough talk, I’m here to send you my condolences at the same time and hopefully this experience would help make you more precaution of things. It may be an unfortunate incident, but never be too pleasant thinking it’s always safe.Lastly, whether my post was more of a disturbance or not, I hope you at least take the time to read it.Good Night.


  9. thanks belle, shin, fooie, and unidentified being for yr concern.unidentified being,i do take ur comment as a gain. n im not accepting it negativly.But, I dont see posting a story on my incident is someting inappropriate. I’m letting all my friends know what has happened to me, bcus I wouldn’t be able contact them like I used to, i’d be busy with too many things. And all of us own a personal blog, and we’re free to express our thoughts as long as it doesn’t offend people. The papers will be reporting on the story very soon. So it makes no difference whether I write in my blog or not.All i do is posting my thoughts n feelings in my own blog, not a public forum or anything. And it is beyond my control that readers get terrified, or troubled. Some of my friends need to know about what happened to me.So I really dont see it as inappropriate. In fact, I think I could help trigger alarm among all of us and that we should be more cautious.Thanks


  10. “I believe this blog post wasn’t necessary and most inappropriately posted for the public to read. It does scare the people of Malaysia knowing that there are such people among us but I think newspapers would be enough.”Hi Shelyn, hope you and your family are recovering well.Dear unidentified being, that is a really narrow-minded point of view to take. As public as a blog is, it still is private domain, newspapers serve their own agenda, as do blogs and blogowners.Transaparency is preferable to censorship. I have confidence in the general Malaysian population that we are educated and discerning enough to make use of a good piece of information.I was disappointed to read the above statement. Ignorance is not bliss. We don’t live in a foolproof world.


  11. omg thats such drama. Thank god you’re all okay. be more careful!


  12. unidentified being. October 31, 2007 — 10:53 am

    My apologies to all, and mostly for Shelyn.I wasn’t part of the situation, without experience a man often speaks boldly and blindly at the same time.I’ve thought about it, and my post was the inappropriate one instead.Once again, my apologies.


  13. Thank god, there are people around to help. I just can’t imagine 6 armed men and one cute girl alone by herself. Your dad one brave guy. And you too. Get more killer dogs to safeguard your house and family.


  14. Hey.. Indeed tht’s very scary story. Phew.. I wouldn’t know wat to do as well if I was you. Anyway, May your dad get well soon. Take Care !


  15. wow… this was a experince that you will never forget in yourlife.. well next time you better keep stick in your room just incase anything happen again.. better thn a scissors rite?.. this year is your unlucky year.. luck will get better when time comes.. well good luckHan Foong


  16. chills ran through my body when i was reading this post. i’m glad your dad is recovering quickly. you, your family, maids and guards are very strong and courageous indeed.


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.


  18. I stumbled upon this post and was in shock and disbelief! I'm sorry if this comment leads you back to this post and brings back traumatic or suppressed memories. But I just wanted to express my concern and say I'm glad you are alive and your family is safe. It's not everyday that people blog about the harsh realities of life, except on the news, but who watches that. While I was reading this, I couldn't help but wish you had a gun on you while you were trapped in your room :( I hope you at least have a tazer after this incident! きをつけてください。 Please be careful :[


  19. You are still writing blogs as of today! :)


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