Global SMEs Award, Kuala Lumpur

Last Saturday, 8th September, my family and I attended a formal function, the Golden Bull Award for Global Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs). The whole thing was quite formal, very formal actually. Lots of people attended, there was roughly 130 tables in the grand ballroom of KL Convention Centre. Quite a number of performances throughout, all mainly jazzy dances and songs. The award was given to 100 companies throughout Malaysia.
This was the last item of the event, giving out the awards to all 100 companies. Yeah, there was 100 entrepreneurs, and worldwide recognised companies like Sushi King and Starbucks Coffee was one of them. My dad was standing on the left, too small to be seen :)

The Lim Family Portrait
My dad looked so happy :)

My Sis and Mom, standing outside the ballroom

After I got home

Don’t u think this makes the rose look so gorgeous

The Golden Bull Award
Congratulations. I’m so proud of you

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